The arrow keys seem out of place and are miniaturized as well, and I cannot fathom why there is an extra backslash key in the bottom right corner. A minor gripe, I know. After I purchased the and began having some concerns about the heat, fan and battery life, I took a look at other brand laptops owned by family and friends. On my laptop, the gpu driver often crashes while playing doom.. I heard about Averatec notebooks in a photography forum and then visited two PC sites where some models were given decent reviews but discussed nothing about my eventual concerns.

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I will get back to this later. The cursor only occasionally jumps averatrc. I suppose I can always go out and pick it up again.

Battery for select AVERATEC laptops – Replacements / Upgrades – Products

I filled in and sent them an email form, only to be told that I would receive an vidoe sometime on the next business day, Monday, which will be too late, not unless I receive a message very early Monday. I have the 60 gig model. Have I misunderstood something, or this the way it actually is?

When doing simple productivity tasks, the battery lasts easily over 3 hours. I’m happy with my You will not be able to play modern games like DooM3 and Painkiller.


The computer not only looks nice but is very functional. Wireless Adapter [Atmel at76ca] at76ca For maximum battery life, be sure to run the battery calibration in the BIOS.

Sounds like the touchpad driver you have is not the right one. Instead you get a single page vidoe with a printed photo of a CD disk and some text on it.

I also tried to find out the prices of Recovery Pro, but could not find it listed anywhere. I’ve got about five notebooks Gail founded and runs the popular www.

Every so often it makes odd noises. JoeyMay 15, Finally, we move to the battery.

Battery for select AVERATEC laptops

But the performance is absolutely abysmal no matter how much VRAM you give it. Needless to say, the restore process will wipe away all personally installed programs and files, so make your make your own recovery disk and back ups. Yes, my password is: Not having resolved the problem of having completed a never-started trial period, I tried calling phoenix to find out more, vixeo received a recorded message, in effect, saying that I would have call back Monday.

However, i have installed xp pro and updated the drivers where Averatex.

Averatec Series Hard Drive Repair Guide | Installation Video

The wired Ethernet jack seems to work just fine, but that really defeats the point of a high portability laptop. I think the date was set for January of this year. The laptop is an Averatec EE The resolution goes up to x, which is high for a screen of this size, adding to the crispness of the picture.


32270 Nothing in any of the advertisement and reviews I read before purchasing the computer said there was no restore disk, much less mentioning that one has to purchase more software in order for the restore to work, nor that you cannot even purchase a restore disk for this computer. I do believe that the plusses of the computer far outwieght the few negatives.

Averatec Driver Updates Scanner 3.

For repairs, you must ship the unit to an Averatec Authorized Repair Facility. Log in or Sign up. I am leaving and will be gone for over a week, so I I am thinking of sending this computer back Monday as I haven’t gotten any satisfactory answers from anyone concerning this.

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