On the left hand side the green and yellow markers represent the zero voltage points for channel 1 and 2. Test lead of a male BNC connector to 2 4mm connectors. Power your oscilloscopes and other electronic devices through your vehicle’s DC outlet with this power adapter. DSO review As a retired professional, still working as a consultant, I needed a good and cheap scope for home work. Once you have plugged the USB into your computer, installed the driver and software you have a full featured oscilloscope running on your computer screen.

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You can see this noise on the green trace in the screenshot to the right. Designed to aid diagnostics on secondary ignition circuits by allowing an HT measurement to be made when there are no, or limited access, to any spark plug leads.

Hantek 100MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope

I know that we cannot expect everyone in the world to speak English but if they want to be successful in English speaking markets they should provide better support in that language.

Eventually I found a more updated version ver 7that is 220 in these screen shots and, while it is much improved, it is still difficult to use. HT25COP coil-on plug and signal probe can catch the ignition waveform of automobile engine easily. The DSO is sold by a number of companies, often under their own, in house brand name, but they all keep the model number DSO It uses software on the computer to control the device and display the results.

Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd.

Fully Welded DSO 2. Also, many features are hidden deep within the menu structure see the screenshot below for an example and other features such as zooming the horizontal scale on a captured trace are so convoluted that you tend to skip them.


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Acupuncture Probe Set HT When I first got this oscilloscope I kept checking their English website for updated software but nothing new was ever posted. To avoid injury keep the probe away from moving parts, such as the alternator drive belt and cooling fans.

H041 Hantek DSO-2250 USB PC based USB Oscilloscope 100MHz 250MS/s 2 Channels Digital Oscilloscope

The oscilloscope also suffers from permanent ADC noise on the inputs, regardless of the sensitivity or other settings. And when I did that I found myself wishing for some of the neat features of a modern oscilloscope. Dsk your oscilloscopes and other electronic devices through your vehicle’s DC outlet with this power adapter.

As a result you tend to leave it running with a mere 10K memory depth, which is dumb when you purchased an oscilloscope with much more than that. All these markers can be clicked on with the mouse and dragged to new positions. Auto Ignition Probe HT Fortunately I always have a computer running on my workbench but many people do not and that would be an even greater impediment. The accompanying software boosts it to the upper league together with the great names.

I admit that this is an unfair complaint as most digital oscilloscopes sso this noise but their small screens generally do not show it. Support is another negative for this device.

Geoff’s Projects – Hantek DSO Oscilloscope

How much does it cost to add a little memory? High-Voltage x Probe T That said, I must also say that the documentation is very lousy. One of the problems that I had at the time I was purchasing was that there were few reviews of it, so this article is intended to help correct that.


It’s a special line for assisting auto measurement instruments to test various types of signals. The oscilloscope itself is just a plastic box with three BNC connectors for the two channels and the external trigger input. Test lead of a male BNC connector to 2 4mm connectors.

Does everything well – except Does everything well – except it has no pre or post trigger. You can get a good idea of the capabilities of the software by downloading it yourself and running it do demo mode.

One of the great benefits of this is that you can make the window as large as you want so you get a wonderful large screen oscilloscope, great for observing the details of a waveform. It is a transducer which allows your multimeter to measure current data and enable your oscilloscope to measure the current waveforms.

The multimeter probes offer a quick and easy solution, where a permanent connection is not required. The blue lines on the screen are cursors which can be dragged into position—at the very bottom their values are displayed, dsso this case the frequency is about Waveform average, persistence, intensity, invert, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, X-Y plot.

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