I installed the I am presently using this driver: I would like to see my games open at the full 16 x 9, but I don’t know if this is possible with this card. Using modifiers for dpinst. Let us know if you have any success. Still, they’re worth a try.

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Try the method described under “with modded inf”: Thanks, uwbe – I’ve had a couple of reports that x and x work with 64MB cards, so I’ll update the top post.

Your FX won’t even play any of today’s games it anything half acceptable any way. No BSOD or artefacts at all. We appreciate the updates! Another thing to try would be to uninstall your current driver before trying one of the newer drivers.

Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 AGP

Your problem is your trying to play games with a vid card that was made to surf the web. Ah so glad to finally see some talk about the FX cards. Do you already have an account?


So, can you offer me any more suggestions on what driver might give me full res on the desktop, as well as in games, internet, etc?

Posted Modifid 3, We’re hoping they may be exceptions. The smaller driver 30MB will be the 32bit one. CybermancerOct 16, Sign In Sign Up.

Nvidia GeForce FX AGP

Mate, to be honest, if you’re not ‘brave’ enough to fool around with Powerstrip then you have no business even considering building a driver. Note that these are all 32 bit drivers. If you could add some more ideas or suggestions, I would appreciate it. The one thing in common with all of the drivers, is that when it comes to games, none of them allow them to come up at x Register a new account.

I did install PowerStrip briefly, but I am too scared to fool jodified it too much as I am worried I might fry my card. Well so far no luck.

Yes, my password is: Of the two, I suspect Needless to say For something more recent, you need to use a Vista driver. Some support Aero, some don’t. And here are the same drivers for the FX cards: However, some people have gotten more recent Vista drivers to work, including Again if you can open the control panel then you can actually add custom resolutions, and it would be possible to add x Sorry, but owner of Series 5 GeForces and below are out of luck.


The only official W7 driver for the FX series is version Another method of getting your full x with vista drivers would be to use power strip to manually force the resolution.

Whoops still in holiday mode, Quadro: I also tried some You need to be a member in order f5x200 leave a comment. Still, they’re worth a try.

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