DmitryKo , Aug 9, You’ll also need a 3D-capable display device, like a 3D monitor, TV or projector. If AMD’s mission with HD3D is to allow us to buy 3D hardware from various different manufacturers, without us having to worry whether it will all work together, that can only be a good thing for us consumers — and might lead to more of us setting up our rigs for 3D. Amd submitted 2 years ago by PhuckSJWs. However, because it’s 4K, it means you still get a full p x image per eye. It added a level of depth to everything, especially highly detailed 3D games.

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I posted that other thread and have some updated info and a little advice that you can take as you will. Want to add to the discussion?

AMD HD3D Requirements and Setup FAQ

With my projector, while it is nvidia 3D certified etc, is cagalyst DLP Link 3D capable, which means you can do 3D from the projector itself. Thanks to AMD’s partnership with the middleware driver makers, you can get 50 per cent off either driver if you have HD3D compatible hardware. Be civil and obey reddiquette. It’s not all down to third parties though. It’s like asking “how do I enable DirectX 11 for all my games in the CCC” – you cannot, in fact it requires a lot of effort from software developers and asset designers to make full use of DX11 features.


Not being tied to specific hardware and standard restrictions gives us far greater scope to build a 3D-capable rig that meets our needs.

And do you use DP as the connection? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of catalysh User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

How do I enable AMD/ATI HD3D?

Do you use I mean, in Alice MR there’s a lot of floating petals or other effects which just come out of the screen beautifully and there’s huge expansive areas that really showed off the stereo.

For those who have heavily invested in Nvidia’s technology it might be too little too late, but AMD’s new offering introduces a number of hr3d that make it worth considering — even if you think stereo 3D is just an expensive way to catalysst a headache.

There are plenty of other places for that. Headline games include Call of Duty: Just saw this link, and from only 4 days ago.

AMD HD3D technology: what you need to know | TechRadar

You can be pretty confident that the biggest new releases will be compatible, but for a full list of compatible games go to iz3d. Unless you can afford a glasses-free 3D display, you’ll need the chunky eyewear too.

I wanted to watch movies in 3D and play video games as well. If the post lacks a summary comment, it will be removed.

So, that’s how far I’ve gotten since Saturday got glasses. Dmitry where did u buy S27, and how much,and how u got yours connected to your graphic card?? Strawpolls are not allowed. Pressing the button on your monitor or pulling a switch in the Catalyst control panel will not make all these applications auto-magically rewrite themselves to use the API. Rule 6 Use original sources. This takes some of the pressure off AMD to ensure games are compatible with HD3D and has led to an already impressively long list of compatible games.


It works quite well.

AMD HD3D – Wikipedia

Make sure you have the latest AMD Catalyst No, create an account now. If I can do side by side, frame packing, or top bottom without losing too much performance I’d be happy as a lark since those probably offer way more immersion than what I’ve tried on my projector so far 2D to 3D DLP Link 3D. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Still, there is enough potential in HD3D to get us excited about its future, and to cause Nvidia some concern over 3D Vision’s future. They work very well, and are a fraction of the price of 3Dvision glasses.

You’ll then need to set your desktop resolution to 1, x 1, 24Hz or 1, x60Hz. I’ll test oth 3D mode on other games and compare 3D vision when I can get the glasses. Submit a textpost discussion.

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