My color cartridge still had ink in all three wells when it was supposed to be empty. I would recommend spending a few more dollars and go with something that has better reviews. Use the procedures that is appropriate for your network setup. And forget trying to refill the cartridges. Kodak needs to recall and refund everyone money.

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This printer is a hugh inconvience. Press OK after each entry.

If the wifeless of your network is not listed, make sure your wireless router is turned on and within range. When you install the new software, the printer driver for the ESP 7 printer will be uninstalled, and an upgraded driver for the ESP 7 printer will be installed in addition to the wrieless for the ESP C printer.

After I returned it to Walmart, I was talking to another customer while picking out a different printer. Kodak Inkjet All-in-One Printer.

It wureless good for printing off individual sheet or a few at a time but for a major run go to the print shop. What ever you do, do NOT be fooled into the idea of Kodak’s cheaper ink cartridges.

This printer comes with a users guide and installation CD for fast and easy set up. Viewing the network configuration To view the network configuration and verify that you are connected to your wireless network: Load plain paper into the printer. C Kodak printer Mate I have to say wreless a bargain!!


Plus, the ink cartridges were very inexpensive.

Kodak ESP C315 All-in-one Inkjet Printer Scanner Copier

This procedure is for advanced users who know how to obtain the IP Address for the printer. The wireless or Ethernet network settings appear on the LCD, including: All IP Address entries have the following format: To scroll through the information, press. Typically, it is not necessary to set up an IP Address.

Up to 20 ppm Print Resolution: Offering high performance, ease of use and low-cost ink, this Kodak all-in-one printer satisfies all koodak home and office needs. I’ve learned my own lesson and will stick with HP from now on.

Kodak needs to recall and refund everyone money. Within each three-digit grouping, the number must be right-justified. If necessary, consult your Internet service provider or router device manufacturer’s documentation for more information. Then, I kodaj printing a photo on 4×6 Kodak paper I’ve owned printers from several brands through the years, and this printer ranks the worst.

KODAK ESP C315 All-in-One Printer — User’s Manual

See Loading plain paper. There’s no way currently to reset the chips on these. This piece of junk is going back to the store first thing in the morning!!!


Wi-Fi connection provided in this printer makes it easy to connect to the internet to take printouts. At first, I thought I just needed to buy better paper; maybe the cheapo paper isn’t good for the nice Kodak machine I got the thing going in the morning and was somehow able to make it work for that one piece of paper.

In addition, this versatile printer has the ability to work as copier, fax machine, scanner offering its users even more beneficial functions. On the control panel, press, or to select the letters and numbers, using the correct uppercase and lowercase letters.

Kodak ESP C Wireless All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner –

I have just replaced the black cartriage with a non kodak ink and it works fine. Press OK after each character. Highlight the all-in-one printer that is connected to your network.

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