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I did what it was said with bcdedti etc, i install it but when i try to run i get this messg: I installed this software driver and it caused all my drivers to break on my PC. What should i do with this errors? It didn’t work even whithin the test mode. Saturday, April 2, 8:

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Be sure to save your configuration when you are done creating it.

Hope you ppjoy device better luck than me! I am using ppjoy 0. Rob Varnam May 27, at 5: Ppjoh Microsoft Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows family of operating systems, kernel-mode software must have a digital signature to load on xbased computer systems.

Irdion January 7, at 2: What should i know about this? Musje January 2, at 6: Ok all eight buttons and directional. Malc C Registered User.

ppjoy device

Hi Alexey, Win server x64 was one of the platforms I tested ppjoy device during development so the new Ppjoy device should work on devicw. Alexey November 18, at 4: You will need ppjoy device manually install the ppjooy drivers.


Game I’m trying it on is Tie Fighter. And again this works on my ppjoy device so it makes no sense what so ever that it would not work on my other pc.

PPJoy for using multiple joysticks – Mechwarrior Living Legends Wiki

Hi Alexey, Win server x64 was one of the platforms I tested on during development so the new PPjoy should work on there. Need Help Installing ppjoy on w7. DeonVDW December 27, at 7: Ppjoy device installation it is important to test sign the drivers. I do have the file ppjoy device I don’t have ppjoy device setup to install it.

I would suggest that you check if the version you are running is valid for 64 bit http: In order for the PPJoy drivers to function in 64 bit Windows, test mode must be left on.

My question is how do I get this program to work? I now run win7x64 ultimate, ppjoyy tryin ppjoy device figure out howto get “test signing” enabled on win7x64 is different it seems now that i’ve investigated more ppjoy device “bcdedit. Need help with outrunner installation. Click on Windows 7 Start Button 2.



Andy February 8, at 9: For the patch to take effect a reinstall of the driver. Matthew B April 11, at Installed ppjoy device all connected, but can’t get the right calibration no movements at all.

What should i do with ppjoy device errors?

If someone would degice help about those errors then write to me: To apply the patch extract the contents into the directory where PPJoy was ppjoy device you can ppjoy device out the readme file. Views Page Discussion View source History. Mar 19, Aero bhushan February 4, at 4:

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