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We express our thanks to Sapphire Technologies for the provided video card. Powerful, Affordable Workstation Graphics. However, there may be slight differences in store pricing or inventory compared to what is listed online. Reviews News Blogs Shop. Attractive, Affordable PC Gaming. Thank you for signing up! Killer Camera, Android Refined.

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We shall not tell you where XXT is, it’s not a decent place. Jason was a certified computer geek at an early age, playing with his family’s Apple II when he was still barely able to write. Perhaps that’s how it should be! Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

PassMark – RADEON X PRO – Price performance comparison

Conclusions Thus, will the verdict be returned today or the barrister is on sick leave again? Acer Predator Helios Review: When we look sapphiee the mid-range graphics card market, ATI’s Radeon X is a popular model that fits the needs of many gamers quite well. Dolby Vision And Atmos Deliver. Become a fan of PCMag. But will it be real?


Unreal Tournament v. The new version of RivaTuner will be able to control the fan speed and so you will be able to set its rotational speed to a compromise level between the noise and cooling sappyire. NVIDIA video cards have a wide gap between product frequencies, though their prices do not differ much. And here is the graphics processor.

Sapphire Radeon X700 Pro / 256MB GDDR3 / PCI Express / DVI / TV-Out / Video Card

You would expect this to make the Hybrid X Pro the faster of the two offerings, but you’d be wrong. ATI is obviously working hard at the second revision of RV for the senior model. That’s why we shall just state that GeForce GT is obviously better, which is demonstrated by all tests. The tests were conducted with the quality set to maximum, only Depth of Fields PS20 was disabled. Totally Cool Cans For Gamers.

But nevertheless, it operates at reduced frequencies. I guess that we should better hold back our conclusions, because the prices are so unpredictable now mid October that the mistake is almost imminent!

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But will the gamers enable this mode at such game speed? The competitors are almost on a par in separate AA and AF modes radoen well as with this load!


In our 3Digest you can find more detailed comparisons of various video cards. Subscribe to HH News Alerts! Let’s have a look at the package contents.

For that reason alone, we can’t really recommend the Sapphire Hybrid X Pro. Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer The pitch is very similar to the previous, but the c700 are not that spread. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. When shopping for a new video card, naturally, we all want the fastest card available performance wise. Lenovo Yoga C Laptop Review: It’s got a good feature set, and it won’t break the bank. More graphics card reviews: View a sample email.

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